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Affordance and why the use of tools is rooted in perception

During the last week I had the chance to discuss a few interesting issues with my colleague Wilson Otchie, who is doing his PhD with my other colleague Margus Pedaste here at the University of Tartu. The topic is use … Continue reading

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Tinkering and affordance

In a previous post I  quoted Zhen Li, who wrote: there is a risk of conflating flexibility of the technological artefact and interpretive flexibility of agents. If the structural properties of technologies are dependent on current agents’ practice and are … Continue reading

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“Just look at our tools!” (Or let’s just thinker!)

I was in Inverness (Scotland) for a symposium devoted to “the porous university”. The format of the symposium was quite interesting. We did not have the usual 20 something minute presentation plus questions and answers, but up to 10 minutes … Continue reading

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Chance-seeking, Affordance, and Polysemy

If I have to describe in one line only what chance-seeking is, I say that: chance-seeking is the reliance on unplanned and/or unexpected occurrences, which generate subsequent opportunities for action allowing to achieve one’s goal indirectly – by roundabout means. … Continue reading

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