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My paper on “Tinkering with (digital) chance events”

About nine months ago I started an auto-ethnographical study, whose main focus was me learning Estonian language. More specifically, I was about the way in which I came up with some practice for learning Estonian mediated by technology. The title … Continue reading

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Chance-seeking and teaching: some preliminary remarks

So far my research on chance-seeking and learning has been focusing on the learner’s side. I’ve noticed that this usually bugs a bit those who are on the other side, namely, teachers and scholars involved in educational sciences. I must … Continue reading

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When what counts is how you tinker, not what they have designed

Some time ago I purchased a back light for my bike. After I inserted the batteries, I pushed the only button that I could see to switch on the light, but nothing. I checked if the batteries were properly installed. … Continue reading

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“Ma õpin eesti keelt”. Auto-ethnographical reflections of a learner as a chance seeker

Yesterday I presented in our research seminar at Tallinn University the provisional results of my auto-ethnographical study about me learning Estonian. "Ma õpin eesti keelt" [I'm learning Estonian]. Autoethnographical reflections of a learner as a chance seeker from emabardo I … Continue reading

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Autoethnography and reflexivity

This is a quite catchy presentation delivered by Billy Ehn (Umeå University) during the The Sixth Autumn Conference of the Centre of Excellence in Cultural Theory (CECT), which took place in Tartu last Obtober. The title of the presentation is: … Continue reading

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The importance of future prospects in learning

About a month ago I started my Estonian language course. Indeed, the decision to take a course in Estonian language wasn’t taken by flipping a coin. It was a pondered decision. That is, I’ve come up with a number of … Continue reading

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Eesti Keel…first reflections

So, a week ago I started an Estonian Language course at Tartu Rahvaülikool. As I wrote in a previous post I’d like to do a bit of autoethnography (self-observation). More specifically, what I’d like to do is to collect what … Continue reading

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An autoethnographical project around attending a language course

Yesterday I signed up for my very first Estonian language course here in Tartu. I had already decided that I wanted to attend a language course in spring but this was the first opportunity that I had. It’s going to … Continue reading

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