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Uncertainty as openness to decision

I have being doing a bit of fishing and thinking about uncertainty – specifically in relation to technology use in education. One of the recurrent narratives that one can find is that education is still lagging behind when it comes … Continue reading

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Uncertainty, casualisation and the institutional level of handling uncertainty

Maximilian Fochler and Lisa Sigl in an article entitled Anticipatory Uncertainty: How Academic and Industry Researchers in the Life Sciences Experience and Manage the Uncertainties of the Research Process Differently  published in Science as Culture introduced the notion of anticipatory … Continue reading

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Uncertainty and variety: And how to intervene to support openness

I am currently working on the design of a number of interventions that should (in theory) help learners face uncertainty and develop openness. Specifically, the interventions are meant to help two categories of learners, namely, high school students and adult … Continue reading

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Puzzlement, understanding, conversations and (re-)contextualizing

What has become clearer and clear is the idea that understanding is an activity in which we do one thing: (re-)contextualizing. In other words, understanding means putting something into context. And that is essentially conversational. We need to be in dialogue … Continue reading

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Note: Uncertainty and ignorance

I’ve been recently thinking that uncertainty is in a way a more interesting category that ignorance (although they are indeed closely tied to each other). When we say “I don’t know”, what this may mean is not that we lack … Continue reading

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Research as sharing the very thinking process

In his Uncertain education Mark Johnson argues that technology – among other things –  increases the availability of options and consequently it makes it harder to choose which one to select.  Which implies that uncertainty increases. As a researcher, this … Continue reading

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Uncertainty, staged competitions and (the future of) the university

I have finished to read a book that I warmly recommend: Keynes. The Return of the Master by Robert Skiedelsky. In the book there is a section on Uncertainty, which turned out particularly insightful for me.  What Keynes realized – … Continue reading

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Uncertainty in teaching

I have been always interested in uncertainty and this very blog has grown out of my interest in trying to address the question concerning what to do when we don’t know what to do, which is decision-making under uncertainty to … Continue reading

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